Bunny Ear Bonnet

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday and so with the beginning of Lent I was inspired to commence easter preparations. I have been visualizing some wool felted bunny ears for a while and today I went to work making them- the beauty of creativity, holding something in your minds eye and then manifesting it! I made this little bunny ear bonnet for Elle in a few hours and plan on making another for Maya prior to Easter. I think they are really cute, and so I might even make more. I am not sure if I am 100% happy with the shape and so might experiment with the form (would love feedback dear friends!). How adorable will our two little bunnies look hopping around the yard on Easter morn!

5 thoughts on “Bunny Ear Bonnet

  1. I love them!!! …. maybe a little pastel pink in the centre of the ear ……? ….a suggestion for something different …. mmmmm ….. I think with a little gap in them and one ear off to the side a little maybe … ?

  2. I agree! I wanted to put some pink on the inside but did not have the right pink. I tried using the magenta I had but it did not look right! How are you Zoe? Did you mention moving?

  3. Yes, we are moving back to the North Coast in mid April … not long now! Heading back to the warmth before another very cold winter in Armidale!!

  4. That is exciting Zoe, it will be nice for you to be closer to your family. Have you decided which town you will be? The North Coast is so expensive now! We wish we could buy there…maybe one day! Good luck with the move, and your new beginning.

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