One of things about raising Children is that you not only see their personalities develop as an individual, but you see their personalities develop in relationship to each other. More and more we are seeing Maya become the big sister, and Elle very comfortable in her role as little sister. Maya is more often the ‘boss’ and Elle the willing participant, eager to please and go along with Maya’s ideas. Elle looks up to Maya, trying to do everything her sister can do and Maya feels a sense of responsibility for Elle. Slowly but surely I am now able to take a seat and let the Girls play, confident in the special bond they have with each other, as Sisters. We had a precious day in the park on Friday, with much hand holding, cuddling, and general sister silliness!

2 thoughts on “Sisters

  1. Very cool looking park – I’m loving the burnt orange and silver colours of the equipment!!! And the sentiment of this posting – seems your girls are very close … do you sometimes look into your little crystal ball (I pretend to have one sometimes) and wonder what they are going to be like as teenagers ….. 🙂

  2. Yes, I often think of them as teenagers…especially when they are already having to negotiate over who wears what clothes!

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