Bye Brooklyn, Hello Key West

I am biding you farewell for 10 days or so as we are off to Key West, Florida on Sunday. This will be my last blog post for a while as I intend to have a vacation – in many ways – no cooking, cleaning or blogging, just FUN in the SUN! I can not tell you how much I am looking forward to escaping the cool grey Brooklyn days for some balmy blue Key West ones. Turquoise waters, here we come! This is a very special holiday for our family, a dream vacation that just does not come around so often. I do not recall ever in my life before going to a tropical Island and staying in a Hotel for a week (well…ok, just once other than this!)…but that was 14 years ago, so like I said a holiday like this dose not come around very often! Maya has her itinerary all set “I am going to run and check out all the pools and see which one I like best” and after that “Then, I am going to have a spa”. ¬†And what is on my list you may wonder? Well do not be surprised if I get “UP” to all sorts of things (hint, hint)…I Wish I could take you all with me….Rest assured I will give you a good virtual tour when we get back….ahhhhh….Let the relaxation begin!

3 thoughts on “Bye Brooklyn, Hello Key West

  1. Sorry I am not getting the hint, hint! What does ‘UP” stand for. ‘Unplanned pregnancy’ perhaps?!

  2. I’m having Kirsten blog withdrawals …..!! Hope your having a great time with the family!!

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