Key West – Poolside

When I started talking to Cam about planning a holiday, he said two things: “Somewhere warm, with a pool”. He then got much more specific with his wants, but to start with this was all he felt he needed to have a good holiday! After months of a cold long New York Winter, we were so very ready for some warmth and water. The Girls LOVED spending hours in the hotel pools and were water logged, wrinkled and worn out when it was time to get out (note photo of Elle bundled in a towel, utterly exhausted!). We did however insist they stay out of the midday sun, so we would use midday as in-room rest time. Otherwise we went between the three hotel pools depending on which had shade over the water. Cam and Maya could not resist jumping in the pool during the tropical rain storm. Swimming in warm rain, oh my goodness what fun! One of the wonderful things about Hotel pools is that it is a great place for the Children to make friends. Maya had lots of like company, and even organized a playdate with a Girl form Indianapolis…sadly it is so far away.

2 thoughts on “Key West – Poolside

  1. I’m loving the girls ‘tutu’ inspired swimsuits … where did you find them??! …… oh, and one of my favourite things to do, spend time in the water during a storm … warm and comforting … which is strange, me thinks! 🙂

  2. Hi Zoe,
    The Girls Bikinis are Seafolly and the rainbow one piece are from 2 Chillies. Both Aussie brands. I get them through Trixan Body or Zodee both of which have cute swimmers on sale.
    How are you? Busy with the move? When will you be settled in Alstonville? WHich school will the kids go to? Tregeagle Public is a great school if you feel like driving that way. I went for one year of school at the Catholic School in Alstonville and them transferred to Tregeagle Public.

    Hope the transition all goes well….

    Kirsten xo

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