Easter Egg Dyeing

Easter time – egg dyeing time. Yesterday Maya literally begged me to dye Easter eggs as she remembered doing it last year.  I had not planned on doing it with them this year, as it is a thing the Easter Bunny (Cam and I) like to do on Easter eve, but who can resist dyeing eggs? Dipping the perfect shaped white (or golden) eggs into a cup of dye to see them emerge vibrantly hued…it is part of the magic of Easter! I only had a dozen eggs in the fridge set aside for this activity with Cam and so before Maya, Elle and I could dye eggs we had to go out and buy more eggs! Off to the health food store we went – only free range organic goodness for us…I hate to think of chickens in cages having a horrible life on account of our family!

Two dozen eggs later, some food dye, and we had baskets full of colourful eggs. Maya ran and got the needle felted bunny ear bonnet I made, asked me to tie it on her and said “Lets go outside and pretend we are the Easter Bunny!” Her enthusiasm  was commanding to play and so off we went to hide eggs in the yard – that we then found. Elle was so adorable, she put all the eggs in her basket in one spot, there hidden like colourful gems in the ivy. After we ‘found’ them she decide next to put the eggs in a tree. There was something so special about watching the Girls hide the eggs.

I was a little unsettled that the likeness to our play was actually identical to our Easter day events, but the Girls really had fun. While I want them to have the childhood innocents and believe in the Easter bunny, I also feel like their sense quickly tells them otherwise and they learn to cherish the events as a folk lore…I already have the feeling that Maya has it all worked out. Now with two days of solid rain predicted I am glad we were able to get outside and enjoy an Easter egg hunt in the yard. I hope you all get to enjoy a wonderful Easter egg hunt…Wishing you all a Happy Easter!



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