Easter Day

What a day…just when I was feeling glum, the sun came out and shone, warming the day to a perfect 26˚C (78˚F) The oven was on to bake hot cross buns and our kitchen heated up enough to open all the doors and windows  – something we have not done for months! White blossoms are blooming on the plum tree outside our window and birds chirped like…well…like a bird in spring! We even saw one little one collecting sticks for a nest.

The Children had risen early and discovered Easter treats left by the Easter bunny. Maya quickly devoured her chocolate bunny for breakfast and then commenced the indoor egg hunt. Elle was not so ravenous and nibbled her chocolate through out the day like mouse. I had invited our neighbours down for breakfast and so by 9am I busy working towards a feast. Scrambled eggs, home fries, dressed rocket greens, a berry fruit salad and the piece de resistance, homemade hot cross buns!

With breakfast over in our kitchen our guests went back upstairs. We then dashed outside for an Easter egg hunt in the sunshine. It was so warm and lovely, really like a dream! The Girls danced around in spring dresses with baskets in hand. Beautiful hand dyed eggs were not so secretly hidden…and then thrown…and then juggled.  We joined more neighbours who have a daughter that our Girls adore and lazed away the afternoon…all in all, a really lovely Easter Day!

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