Maya’s Spring Blossom Drawing

Maya made this beautiful drawing on the weekend, of her and Elle holding hands under a cherry blossom tree. Very in keeping with our current flower theme! As you will see it is similar in composition to another recentĀ drawing that I posted about. Maya has amazing concentration to be able to sit and work away on these pictures. I sit with her while she draws, and when she asks for help “Mummy, can you draw a shoe on her top?”, I help by showing her on another piece of paper, this allows her to carefully watch how I shape the lines – which she will then emulate on her drawing. I am strict about her drawing being her drawings, and really try and keep my hand out of them. This drawing was done all in one sitting, other than when she got and had a tantrum over the grass, that she insisted ” It is too big” and she had me erase it – a perfect exhibition of the suffering artist! I could be heard saying “Maya, drawing is supposed to be fun, if you are not enjoying it, then do not do it!”…but eventually she recovered and made her way back to the table to finnish her masterpiece – I am one proud Mummy!

2 thoughts on “Maya’s Spring Blossom Drawing

  1. Dear Kirsten, I just love your photos, artwork, and the children’s drawing… I draw too, but it’s not always fun, however a struggle to achieve what one is aiming for IS fun , eventually! haha

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