Drip Castles


Another glorious day on the beach! Look at the fabulous drip castles we made – so much fun, and especially great as all they take is sand and water, no need to carry buckets and spades to the beach! This was the first time Maya helped make them, and I could see that she ‘got it’ as the handfuls of wet sand mounted into tapered peaks. Drip drip drip…I just adore the look of them, they make me feel like we are in an underwater kingdom surrounded by coral like castles. We are relishing these warm days. Maya did not want to leave the beach. We are sinking into Summer, and it feels so good!

Whilst on the beach this day a wave of happiness and excitement came over me. I realized that I was looking forward to this Summer more than ever before. I felt a sense of comfort and familiarity with living in New York  – that has taken years to cultivate. I now know what to do, and how to survive – metaphorically I feel like I am not treading water anymore, this Summer I can swim! I account this feeling also to the fact that my Children are getting older and it is getting easier to do these things on my own. While I am so very glad of this, it too makes me want to bottle these precious childhood moments together – they will not last forever! I so much cherish our daughters childhood. I am so blessed to be with them – especially on days like this when we get to play the hours away on the beach – thank you to my wonderful clever husband for making this possible.


One thought on “Drip Castles

  1. Evoking summerime memories of the North Coast beaches here Kirsten?
    Refreshingly childish play, drip castles are!

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