Party Invitations

This year I did not make Maya’s invitations – an almost guilty declaration – but you will see why! A few ideas crossed my mind about what I would make, and then time seemed to slip away with the other handmade items on the agenda (the wrist gloves, and another project I plan to complete tomorrow) – it seemed like a good idea to purchase some. I went straight to ETSY as it is a super source to find handmade items when you do not want to make them yourself. Very quickly I found some invitations that fit Maya’s chosen theme of ‘Fancy Rose’ at Paper Nosh – Etsy is so GREAT! Purchase package complete with envelopes, and sealing stickers – it made doing the invites very easy. They arrived beautifully wrapped and boxed – some sellers take such pride in their products, it is a pleasure. I left the un-opend invitations on the table and when Maya woke in the morning she saw the lovely pink garden toil package. I was awoken with a kiss from a very happy little Girl. Quickly they were, opened, inspected, and addressed. We loved the quality, beautiful heavy paper stock, ┬áprinted on the front, interior and back with detailed images, and decorated with fine glitter. I was very proud of Maya as she happily went to work writing in them all – ┬ábefore breakfast!

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