Dance Finale

Last Saturday we finished Ballet and Tap for the season – We looked forward to Maya’s recital – even though we knew as it was likely our last day with Terrace Dance. We stayed throughout the 3 1/2 hour production, which included dances from all age groups and categories. Each dance displayed great choreography, skill and costume – so much thought and practice involved. It was delightful to see Maya dancing on stage with her class – an adorable bunch of beginner tappers. In addition to her class dance, this year Maya was also in the grand finale – quite a big deal, with hundreds of Children dancing at once on the large auditorium stage. As Maya was the youngest, she was dancing center front. I was smiling ear to ear as my little one did the moves perfectly with the older Girls. When the show was over, we clapped only as proud parent do, the stage curtain closed, and I went behind the scene to locate Maya. We had bought Maya a congratulatory bunch of roses, and it was so special to see Maya running to Cam with her bouquet in hand for a hug…one proud Daddy, and one happy Girl.

One thought on “Dance Finale

  1. Call me biased, but Maya certainly looks like she has the moves perfectly. I was most impressed!

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