In an effort to organise our house without having furniture to put things in – I lined up the Girls books in their window alcove. There are a few simple ways to make a room look good, and colour blocking is one of them. Putting the books into warm and cool colours, and in height order, instantly worked. I was very pleased with this outcome of not having a bookcase – and soooo much better than a messy book jumble on the floor. I then put a small table and lamp next to the books, thinking that maybe I will manifest a free comfy chair to put next to the books and lamp. In my imagination I also visualised a low hanging rainbow coloured mobile. Wouldn’t that look great? Which brings me to these beauties…

With much thought of what Autumn is going to be like in the woods, I started making felt leaves to make into a mobile. I am not exactly sure how the mobile is going to resolve at this point, but for now I am busy cutting and sewing. How I am going to hang them exactly, not sure? Maybe sewn into a string, hanging from a wire hoop, or maybe hanging from a painted branch? Would love to hear your thoughts folks!

2 thoughts on “Decorating

  1. Such a beautiful blog, Kirsten! SO GLAD I happened across it! You’ve already inspired me in so many ways…can’t wait to explore it more!

  2. Hi Cindy,
    Thanks for all of the positive feedback! Don’t you just love blogging and all there is to share! I see you too are an amazing arty crafty, sewing Mommy!
    Thanks for being in touch, will be sure to visit you blog now!

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