First Visitors

This time last week we had our first out of town visitors. Rieke and her Children came for the day and it was such a pleasure to share our new environment with them. Maya and Elle excitedly gave their friends a tour of the house, showing them their new special play spaces. Meanwhile Rieke and I enjoyed what felt like a tremendous catch up, in the kitchen making pizza for lunch.

After lunch we went for a hike in the woods. We invited some of our neighbours to come along too, so we were quite the convoy of kids! The Children all worked at building a tipi togehter – with much discussion of sleeping in it. After a good while of playing with sticks and stones we carried on walking towards the lookout to admire the Manhattan views. Everyone enjoyed the walk, and I loved it when I heard one of Rieke’s sons say, “This is a real hike”. Everyone was very impressed with little Elle Belle, with many compliments to her that she walked so far and did not complain once!

When we arrived back to our house I offered to take them for a drive to show a little of Montclair City. Montclair is a very pretty town, and so it is fun to show people around – we all goo and gaa over the Upper Mountain Avenue Mansions. After a short tour we popped into Wholefoods and I grabbed some things to make veggie burgers for dinner.

The Children (and Mother’s too!) were all hungry after the long hike and so upon arrival home Rieke and I went to work preparing dinner. It was such joy to be in my kitchen cooking with my dear friend! The Children ran around the yard, playing hide and seek and other rowdy summertime games. We set up a picnic blanket in the yard and ate our veggie burgers and home made fries picnic style. A little while later both our Husbands arrived and while they ate their meal the Children sat down to ice cream and watermelon. The hours passed by too quickly, the sun set and the after dinner coffee was drunk. It was time to bid our friends farewell and we were sad to say goodbye.

Rieke has been a wonderful ear over the years of discussing should we leave the city or not? Then finally when the decision was made yes in fact we would leave, she was a great person to share in the process of buying a home. Rieke made my last days living in New york memorable and so it was very special she and her family were our first guests. Thank you Rieke for visiting us, please come again soon!


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