Halloween Costume Design

This morning Maya and I sat down and had a good talk about what she might like to be for Halloween. We have been throwing around ideas of a family theme, but the reality is Halloween comes around quickly and we do not want to spend a lot of money on buying specific outfits, and so we need to work with what we have. With the contents of our dress up box in mind, Maya decided she is going to be a rainbow. At first she was thinking rainbow fairy, or rainbow princess, but I suggested we drop the (much over used) fairy princess theme, and just be a rainbow! Maya liked this idea and said “I can have a crown that has sun and rain on it!”. I loved hearing her ideas, and thought that she should do a drawing of her costume. Maya set to work designing her rainbow costume, and this is what she came up with. Rainbow has been an ongoing theme in our lives, and she has gotten much wear out of her rainbow tutu that she first wore for a Ballet Recital, and then wore for her Rainbow Sparkle Birthday Party. In addition to the rainbow tutu I will make her some fun rainbow accessories, based on her design. 5 weeks until Halloween – I had better get started!

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