Apple Of Our Eye

10 years ago I did not know who Steve Jobs was, but as it turned out Steve Jobs was my future husbands hero. Soon after meeting my husband I became familiar with this amazing man, and all that he created. Many a time over the years I sat up with Cam at 4am (in Australia) while we live streamed Apple’s product unveiling. Cam would never miss one of Job’s inspiring keynote presentations. Quickly I was drawn into this powerful man’s energy, as he was phenomenal. I too began to look forward to hearing him speak, he was humble, and clever, and right. I remember the dawn Cam and I sat together, watching and listening to this new toy called an ipod – seriously revolutionary right? Steve Jobs, the creator of all things Apple, became my hero too – the iphone, ipad, ipod, ipod nano, ibook, imac, and PIXAR – the list goes on – this man was brilliant. We felt great sorrow in our home last night upon hearing of his passing. We can not imagine our lives as we know it without Steve Jobs. Thank you Steve Jobs for your contributions to the world – you were a genius – and you will be greatly missed.

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