Elle’s Birthday Invitations

On Sunday last week the Girls and I had a fun afternoon of printing mushrooms. We looked through some of the mushroom photographs we have taken the past few months, and then I did some drawings based on them. I then re drew them onto the printing block, carving them out, into 3 stamps. We played with the stamps on various papers, and worked out the design for Elle’s third Birthday Party invitations. You might recall us using this same printing process, look here and here for more details.

On Monday when Maya went to School, Elle and I made an edition of cards. Elle was so very pleased with her three red mushroom cards! I was happy too, they are the perfect theme for our little Girl’s 3rd Birthday! Together we made a list of our nearest and dearest (we are always so sad that there are so many who we love, that are just too far away). Then we hand wrote in them, sealed, addressed and stamped them. Tomorrow we are very excited to be putting them in the post….so keep your eye out for your invitation to Elle’s Woodland Mushroom Party!

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