Wednesday Hike

We had our last hike with Anneliese and Children today. It was a sweet farewell to our friends who I will not see again for almost 5 weeks. We will really miss them during the time we are away and so very much look forward to resuming our Wednesday Hikes upon our return. I did not document today’s hike, but I still have the hike from last week to share. The destination itself is not really I hike, but we walked there from the Maya and Beatrix’s school and so that in itself was a good walk – a half an hour walk each way. We then spent over an hour wandering around the Van Vleck House and Gardens – we choose this location because the damage the snow storm caused made it too dangerous to walk in the woods. I intend to do another post on the Van Vleck House and Gardens in Spring or Summer when the Gardens are at their best. It is a stunning place and look forward to focusing on it when the plants are inĀ  glorious bloom – there is even a butterfly garden! Despite only a few flowering plants left, tt was still very beautiful and designed in such a way that there are enchanting paths and coves of greenery with sneak peaks of other special spots you must explore. The Children are always so easily captured by natures treasures and so we moved slowly through the landscape savoring the beauty. Afternoon tea was in the pergola looking out over the great lawn. We then made a house from some of the snow storm debris and Maya played the “flute” for us with a stick. Once again the setting sun sent us home. This outing was a favorite with Elle who has asked since “Can we go back to that special house?”. We are making plans to visit it throughout Winter as it will be a good place to walk around on cold days with snow. I can feel the dark short days of Winter creeping closer.

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