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Ooooo, so exciting, here they are already, our images from Lightburn Photography. Shelley wrote to me the evening after our photo shoot and apologised for not sending the photos straight away…something I did not expect anyway, and honestly was surprised and delighted when she sent them through Monday morning. Her words were something of the sort: Looking at the photos is like opening presents on Christmas day…which I equate as meaning, she can’t wait, because it is exciting and delightful, and sometimes full of surprise. I could relate to this analogy wholeheartedly as you all know I am keen behind the camera too, and also get a buzz from a fabulous photo series.

It was great fun for me to be part of the subject this time – something I used to experience more frequently before Children came along….however it works out….I love participating in photo shoots in whatever capacity, as I just adore photography. It is wonderful to see Maya and Elle photographed by Shelley – so refreshing. I made a point on this photo shoot that it not to be contrived or staged in any way – I wanted to avoid it looking like a typical family portrait – not that Shelly would have had it like that anyway. The Girls chose their own clothes (at one point Maya went for a head to toe red and white stripe ensamble with pink and purple argyle socks pulled up over her leggings…as you do) and other than when Shelley asked me to sit on the floor, there was really no direction. We were just us in our kitchen doing what we do…

After more communication this morning, we have decided to make this session 1 and are now planning on doing session 2 in a little while – and somehow capturing (the weekend hermit) Cam as well. I hope you enjoy these images by Lightburn Photography as much as I do. A big thank you to Shelley for sharing her talent.

6 thoughts on “Lightburn Photography

  1. These are so lovely, Kirsten!! Checking your blog every day makes me miss you and the girls so much 🙁 xx

  2. Kirsten, I am having trouble again opening your photos (as little pop ups!) … are you using a different program again?!

  3. Hi Zoe, I am not sure what is going on for you? I had assumed the other time you mentioned it, it was because I dragged the photos from my instagram sight directly, but I have only doen this once, and not recently. Nothing has changed or is different on my end. Cam suggested checking to see if you have pop-ups blocked on your computer. Does it happen at both work and home computers? I am just wondering as my Mother in law has also mentioned it now but you too are the only ones and it works fine on both mine and Cam’s computer. We use macs…do you use a PC or a mac? Sometimes a glitch can depend on the computer, and maybe my blog is not working right on PC? Thanks for letting me know, would love an update when you get the chance. K xo

  4. Kirsten … I worked out that it was my laptop … keeps coming up with an error (although it is tempermental and sometimes works!), so I have been getting on the home PC and viewing your blog instead … pictures pop up instantly …. I’ll have to get someone to check that there is no pop-up issues on my computer (although, it seems to happen when I am most keen to check your blog!!) …. sorry for the concern!!

    Sienna and I love checking in with you most mornings, and when there is no new entry, we love looking back through your old blog entries and we use the tags – Sienna gets to pick which words she wants to look at ….

    … in fact, we have taken inspiration from one of your tags – which has a lot of blog entries linked to it – RAINBOW – and Sienna has nominated a rainbow birthday this year for her 4th birthday …. we are busy now getting ideas together for her birthday in later May … thanks for the inspiration we get from you and your family on a daily basis!

    Love Zoe, Sienna and Kai xoxox

  5. Great – glad that is sorted out, I was a bit worried, but if it is your computer (I am sorry for you) it is not a worry for me having to change things…

    Thank you Zoe for your kind words – it makes me so happy to think that you are inspired. Yay! I have a pending post – which you will love of a shadow box puppet theatre we made this week. Hopefully I will get to on-line before Grandma arrives! All of a sudden I have a lot to do!

  6. We checked out your instagram link and saw some of the shadow puppet theatra photos …. it looks fantastic!

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