Cupid’s Arrows

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and so we have been busy with Valentine craft. You might recall the Feather Heart Headbands┬áthat we gave to our friends at our Valentine’s Party┬álast year. This year Maya’s class is having a party, which we will be making cupcakes for, and I have made a Cupid’s arrow for Maya and Elle (I considered one for each in the class…but then realised I was crazy!). I had seen some cute twig and felt arrows on Pinterest and then developed this version with painted sticks and hearts on the end. Elle and I collected the sticks from our yard, I painted them while she chose to paint something else. I then cut out felt hearts and tail feathers and hand stitched it all together – using a little craft glue to securer the felt to the sticks. I am excited to announce, during this project Elle started sewing for the first time…making Mummy very proud…it all seems to have happened so soon, and it comes as no surprise she is a natural with the needle and thread. I am considering making some bows too as I think the Girls might enjoy bow & arrow out door play…and while they might not ignite their heart as Cupid’s arrow is said to, they are sure to spark their imaginations!

2 thoughts on “Cupid’s Arrows

  1. These are so cute! I saw something like this on pinterest the other day but I have to say, yours are much sweeter!

  2. Thanks Zoe – Elle has been carrying hers around for days now – they really like them, and when we go into shops people say “You have cupids arrow!” they know…so the project was successful!!

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