Maypole 2012

You know something has become a tradition when I start titling it by the year, for example…Maypole 2012. It makes me so happy to know we have settled in America for long enough to have a larger pattern and rhythm forming in our life…we now have annual traditions….and lucky for us, Maypole is one of them.

Maypole is a feast of cuteness. It is a celebration of things that are really lovely in life. Children, Spring, singing, dancing, flowers, food and friends. We were first introduced to Maypole through the Waldorf Playgroup Maya attended, and now get an annual invitation as Playgroup Alumni. This was our third Maypole event, and when I looked back at 2011 and 2010, it struck me just how much Elle has grown up.

This was our first trip back to Brooklyn since moving from there nine months ago. We had not seen many of these faces since we left, and it was wonderful to pick right up where we left off…funny how that happens. The same conversations started up again – something which seems like everyone who lives in Brooklyn with children discusses…”We think about leaving Brooklyn, but we are not sure where to move to?”…It felt good to be having this conversation from the other side…and reassure friends, that there is life after Brooklyn. We felt that it was wonderful to be back and that we still love Brooklyn and we would want to live there again if we could afford to have the space and freedom we felt we needed to grow. Simultaneous we felt happy to be where we are now, living life in Montclair. This is a nice way to feel, we liked that life and we like this life too. It can be daunting to make a big decision like moving towns, states (or countries!) and it is reassuring when you return to a place you once were and reflect, that regrets do not surface….because then you know, you can keep on enjoying life.

We were blessed with perfect weather, warm but not hot, with a gentle cool breeze.

We gathered, shared and connected. We cherished those who have taught us.

And looked up to friends we have always admired.

It was a wonderful time had, and really, a highlight of our life…which brings me to something else…

I am to leave you for a while my friends. You might have noticed the last month or so I have not been blogging as frequently – or  when I have been, I have been feeling like I should be doing something else. I have had recurring feelings that I needed to pause, to make change, and to use my time differently. For a few reasons, but mostly for our Girls, it is time for me to have a break from blogging. This is not because I don’t want to blog, but because I want to do something else too! I have so much enjoyed keeping this journal of our life, and sharing it with you here in this space, thank you all so much for reading. Thank you also to all of those that took the time to write words of support and encouragement it mean’t more than you could imagine to know you were inspired to be there, checking in with us, and our life. I have some exciting plans on the horizon, and will be back some time in the future…but for now, on a sweet note, it is goodbye from me…goodbye from us!

Kirsten xo


8 thoughts on “Maypole 2012

  1. Kirsten, I wish you all the best for whatever you’re doing. You’re so talented, I’m sure you’ll be amazing at it. No doubt I will miss your blog! My favorite by far! xKlaudia

  2. I will be back soon Kate – I have loved blogging and it is hard to just stop. It feels a little odd to be free from it, but I know I need a change…thank you for reading!

  3. I’ll miss checking in with you guys here and seeing your lovely pictures! I totally understand the feeling of needing to take time to let other things be priorities, and I look forward to seeing you back here and again and to hearing what’s in store for you ahead! xoxo

  4. We have missed you, but are enjoying imagining what you have been up to ….. Homeschooling? Building chicken coups? Cooking scrumptious vegetarian food? Drawing and painting? … It has been fun going back through the seasons of change in your archives and re-visiting your adventures! xoxo

  5. lovely pictures Kirsten. I miss the maypole so much and always wish we could go back to Brooklyn for it. Thanks for posting this. Glad you had such a nice time.

  6. I will miss your blog Kirsten. Let’s be sure to keep in touch outside of it though. Looking forward to hearing about your new changes.

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