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Oh it feels so good to be back!  Although it is like I am sitting on a swing, pumping my legs and waiting for my swing to move. I know though that eventually I will gain momentum again, life will push my swing…and I will do my best to soar high and share the ride.

Such a stretch to start blogging  after many months off. Despite it feeling a little awkward to get back in my grove, I have missed blogging and many times throughout Summer my inner voice was wishing for this outlet.

I had reached a point at the end of Spring when I realised that I had been blogging regularly for so long that it had become more than I had imagined, it had become a part of our life. The energy it took to sit and write, and also the the constant documentation of our life really takes time. I started to wondered if it was a good thing, and if it was necessary, and I actually wondered if I really even wanted to do it, or if it had become habitual without question. That was, until I started to question it. I started to ask myself “What purpose does this serve?” It became clear to me that the only way to find out if it served us as a family was to have a break from it…and so I did.

What I learned from this was that it was good to have a break, but also that during so I often missed blogging, because blogging inspires me. I also learned that our extended family really missed reading about our life and seeing photos of the Girls, which was why I started blogging in the first place. Nothing more than to share our life from afar with loved ones, and I think this is a good thing to remember in a blogasphere full of a billion shinning stars.

With good intentions, I plan to resume regular weekly posts. So much has change in our lives this Summer, some little things like Maya learning to ride a bike, and loosing numerous teeth, and some big things, like Elle starting preschool and Cam resigning his job…and me, what is my news?…well you will just have to wait and see! All of which I am sure to talk about here in this space along with all of the regular day to day stuff that makes our life go round.

It will be great to hear from you all from time to time to let me know you are there. When you are inspired, when you relate, or simply when get the chance to say hi. I love to read your comments, which I so very much appreciate, it really makes it all worth while. I know some of you have kept up with us on instgram, and I hope that you are able to once again enjoy these larger snippets of our life.


6 thoughts on “Back to Blogging

  1. Oh JOY! So there I was, perusing Pinterest… and I saw your pins of a blog I used to know… so I popped over for a long overdue dose of “Kirstinspiration” and POW! There she is! She is back! Welcome back, you were very missed. Donna x

  2. Hello Donna! It is good to be back, thank you for the warm and enthusiastic response! LOVE “Kirstinspiration”…hmmm might have to use that! Love to you and your family. Kirsten xo

  3. Yay!! I am so glad you are back Kirsten. I love keeping up with you this way and your creative mothering is always so inspiring!! Welcome back.

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