Leaf Crowns

Today Elle and I visited Maya’s class to make leaf crowns. This is a project I do annually in Autumn with our girls and I thought it would be fun to share it with Maya’s class. I also thought you all might like to see my method, so I have included a tutorial below.

I really enjoy creating with Maya’s class and this was my first time visiting the 1st Grade classroom. I was in awe of the teacher Mrs Hart. Some teachers are good, and some, like Mrs Hart, are AMAZING! What makes her so good? Well for starters, she really loves children, for being who they are, which is children. I feel like I could talk all night about the skills I see in Ms Hart…but before the last leaf of Autumn falls, let’s get back to making leaf crowns.

I gave Mrs Hart a box of brown paper bags and Mrs Hart had each child fill a paper bag with leaves collected from the playground. This in itself is a really fun activity – always nice to have another reason to run around outside. Elle and I arrived after lunch with the prepared paper bases. I made 24 crown bases from 5 whole foods paper shopping bags (Even I forget fabric bags sometimes and end up with a few paper ones!). I have revised my leaf crown method from last year, this year using grocery bags, and also omitting the tape so that it was easier to do with Maya’s class. Some of you may prefer last years Crown Of Leaves. Make sure you check out that tutorial too.

The children needed a short demonstration. It is of course very easy, and after hearing my instructions all 21 six year olds managed to do it with only a little assistance here and there. I was not able to document the class activity – but here are some photos from a crown I made for myself at home after working with Maya’s class. The children were all happily engaged in the process and beyond adorable in their completed crowns. I felt satisfied that it creatively incorporated the season, exploring nature, recycling, and it instigated some fanciful creative play.


What you will need:

Paper Grocery bag

Glue Stick and School Glue




Deconstruct a paper shopping bag or another recycled house hold paper item long enough to fit around the head. I found it is easiest to cut a long thick strip of paper and then zig-zag it in half so that you end up with a two crown strips from cutting one zig-zag. When deciding on the width, makes sure you leave enough depth for the fold. Fold the straight base so that it will act like a pocket over the bottom of the leaves. Cut the stems off the leaves. Use the glue stick on the inside/front, and stick on the leaves. Glue stick is good for this part as it does not make the paper too wet and soggy. Then make a thin glue line with the school glue, over the top of the leaves, close to the fold. Then press the paper at the fold, onto the leaves, securing the leaves and paper firmly together. Allow to dry a few moments and then staple at the back to form a crown. Place the crown on your head, act very silly, and enjoy life with your kids!




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  1. Hi David, thank you for you kind words! Yes we really can’y live without nature, it makes our lives so full. So much beauty to be gained from connecting with the great outdoors. Kirsten x

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