Candy Corn Crown & Jewels

Yesterday it was leaf crowns, today it is a candy corn crown. Maya decided to be a candy corn princess for Halloween and so I made her this crown based on her design. Nice to have a Mummy to sew your designs right? I was lucky like this too, putting my Mother to work to make my visions come to life. Maya very much enjoys designing her costumes – you might recall her Rainbow costume drawing from last year. This year I have had to put little effort towards their costumes as my Mother bought the the girls a heap of Halloween things in June (my sweet Mother loves Halloween!) and so Maya has a purchased candy corn dress. It was nice not to have to do to much to get their outfits ready…just a few unique handmade finishing touches.

I was brain storming last night and came up with the candy corn necklace idea…likely from years of making cranberry popcorn garlands. To thread the candy I used a heavy weight sewing thread and a fine needle. It was trickier than I anticipated and ended up having to heat the needle with a lighter to push it through the candy without cracking it. This worked, but was tedious. I sewed ribbon ties on either side of the threaded candy so that it was comfortable to wear. I plan to make her a corn candy collecting bag too…and then on to accessorizing Elle, who shall be Queen Cat this year.

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