Obama Won

You all know this already of course, Obama won, and we could not be happier! The world can breath a sigh of relief, thank goodness for a smart, kind, honest and inspirational leader to take make this country a better place. We are proud Obama supporters – and rose on election day with clear intent to spread the Obama love. The girls went to work designing Obama flags right after breakfast. Maya also made Obama stickers that she stuck all over the house and inadvertently we were having an Obama scavenger hunt. We then went on to host an election day lunch with two families from school – voting often takes place in school buildings and so students have a day off on this day. For the second time since living in America, I voted for Obama. The first time was in Park Slope, Brooklyn, just 3 days after giving birth to Elle. This time I voted at the Upper Montclair Firehouse. The girls came along – but would you believe they were asked to leave because of their flags! Against the rules to have political propaganda in the voting room…and obviously we did not realize just how influential our little signs were! Non the less, we had a picture outside the firehouse and they were all smiles. Who would have thought voting day would be so much fun…and we could not have asked for a better ending…Obama for another four years.

I submitted this photo to the New York Times and it was selected to go in the Election Day Instagram Album. You can find us here (towards the bottom of the first page) along with many other images of Election day 2012.

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