Grateful On Thanksgiving

I can overlook the things that make my life what it is, and I really respect a day dedicated to looking at your life, and giving thanks for it, no matter who you are, and what you may have. Thanksgiving is a lovely day, made so by giving thanks – however you choose to do it. We as a family do not celebrate Thanksgiving in a traditional American way, we do not have a large family to gather with, and we do not eat turkey or ham or pumpkin pie, and we do not give much thought to the Pilgrams, but we do share a special meal together and make it a focus to be grateful for the good life we have.

In my last post I mentioned that I had been struggling to keep my inner flame alive, and this has continued since I mentioned it. To the point of being frayed. I woke this morning, not really feeling like getting out of bed, which is unusual for me. Given that it was Thanksgiving I promised the children I would make waffles…and so I got out of bed and made them…and then went back to bed. This lasted about 15 minutes, whereby my mind teetered in that strange place of intense negativity until a burst of light sparked and I through back the covers, tore the sheets of my bed, and went for a run in the woods. Thank goodness for the spark right?

I needed to clear the stagnant energy, and so when I returned home I put fresh sheets on my bed and then decided to re-arranged my bedroom furniture. There done, a fresh new outlook. It is the little things, which really can have a big impact on one’s soul. Making small, manageable changes to keep life feeling good. It did not take much, but it made the world of difference. It made the things in my room seem more interesting all of a sudden, it gave me new perspective, which I really needed. Oh how thankful I am for this.

This led to me appreciating many things in our home. I took time to go around our house and look for the beauty, and really see it. I took time to look at the home we have created and see the things we have chosen to fill it with. Objects we have found, natural or hand made objects, that have come to us through experience and adventure. We look, we see, we collect and we create. We try to choose things that are good for us, and we try to make good choices for the environment. We are aware. Oh how thankful I am for this also.

And so with a positive frame of mind restored, the day went by and we did what we like to do on a day off. We played in our space and we just hung out. We spent the day doing nothing, but what is actually a whole heap of things that we just do. We eat healthy food, we make art, we play games, we make-believe, we make music, we bicker, we make -up, we laugh, we cry, we love. No schedule, no demands, just us, together, being us. On this day we are a little family, living a simple life. Oh how very, very thankful I am for this.

I hope you all had a great day of thanks too…Happy thanksgiving.


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