Bathroom Revovations Are Fun


Oh yes, we know how to make the best of a situation. We are loving our new zen water feature in the entrance foyer, totally adding to the good feng shui of our home. We are also loving our new bathing routine, which involves warming the kitchen with the oven and bathing babes in the kitchen sink. We have a large kitchen sink that is coming in handy for cleaning two little girls. Elle’s first bath in the sink became quite the water play experience (Sorry all of those faint of heart, I should have taken the knives down – trust me when I say the magnet is very strong – still a moment of potentially bad mothering!). Knives aside, who would have thought bathroom renovations could be so much fun? The girls bickered over who got to go first and how long each got to be in the sink, and Elle begged to get back in again after Maya.


Now fun aside, who would have thought bathroom renovations would be so expensive? We received the quote this week to gut the bathroom and put in a new one, and given the age and style of our house, this comes with a price tag of over $14K and that does not include the tub, sink, toilet, tiles, lights etc etc. We are waiting to hear the final word from insurance, which we gather will be a small proportion of this cost, we figure some insurance money is better than nothing. Non the less we will work it out and we will soon have a gorgeous new bathroom! Very excited, and very grateful!

8 thoughts on “Bathroom Revovations Are Fun

  1. Hi Wendy,
    Yes, I could photograph Elle all day – can’t get enough of her cuteness! We got a lot od snow last night, so lots of snow play for us today. Happy weekend to you too! Thank you for the lovely comment. Kirsten

  2. The first shot is the absolute cutest photo ever. And seriously, how did you get a shower cap that just so happened to match your kitchen perfectly!! You and your photos are a wonder,, that I treasure.

  3. Shower cap matching kitchen = total co-incidence! Elle got the red shower cap for christmas, her choice of colour…Maya’s is pink. I was creatively delighted when I saw how Elle’s cap looked in our retro kitchen…just had to take photos!

  4. The tighter crop on these photos makes the knives very subtle! Better than cropping them out completely. These shots are like something out of a magazine. Is there any money in stock photography these days???

  5. Yes! I was happy the knives were not to obvious in the pics – I did not have to crop them out…just left it as it was…cant see the menacing baldes 🙂 Not sure if there is money in stock photography, but I thought they were Child magazine worthy too…Elle should be a child model…but maybe that is just my bias adoration of her cuteness. Thanks you for backing up my thoughts Kate – especially since Matt takes such awesome photos. I always admire his work. I look forward to when you too start taking Tom on your world travels and I get to see the great photos!

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