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Everyone loves pom poms right? They are so fluffy and soft and cute. They are one of the things in life that really are not necessary, but they make life fun and pretty (I am sure there are those of you out there that think a pom pom is a necessary object!) Anyway, they are especially great if you make them yourself. I enjoy a quick and easy hand made project and pom poms are just that…quick and easy and satisfying. They really are very simple to make, which means they are a great craft to do with children. Elle our 4 year old can make them with a little help, and in one sitting Elle wrapped 3 pom poms. Elle was very good at it. The girls like going through the yarn stash and choosing colours. Any yarn will work, but If you want a really poofy pom pom then use a fluffy multi ply yarn, like this one below.

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I started making pom poms with the idea of making a pom pom garland. The girls both asked to to do it too and so my pom pom pile grew quickly with my two little helpers. After an hour of making pom poms we had enough to make this cute garland. I hung it between their beds, but I am sure it will travel. I love that it is something we all worked on together.

Here is a photo tutorial I whipped up for those of you who have not ever made pom poms. There are a few methods out there, but this is how I learnt as a child. They make great hair accessories, and look sweet tied onto a gift or a tote bag. They are a fun thing to have around the house, and if you feel like making a bunch, then you can make a garland by tying them onto string or ribbon. Oh the possibilities of pom poms! Happy pom pom making friends!

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