Bluebell Crown


The bluebells are flowering in our garden, and I find them quite irresitable. The long slender stalk with dainty periwinkle bell shaped flowers hanging perfectly from it. They smell divine too. I handled them a little and after a few days of thinking it came to me how I could work with them.

Part of my floral fixation, is to work with whatever is in bloom in my garden. By doing this it creates a floral supposition – my flower art speaks of a season and of a place. The flowers I use can not be bought at the corner store, they are not grown in hot houses and flown across the globe. I can not order them. I have to wait patiently for each blooming cycle, as nature presents it. I work with what is at hand, what is relating to my surroundings and what is happening in my immediate environment…wherever it may be. I work with whatever pops up, whatever grows near me. What ever catches my attention, and these lovely flowers, have my attention!


I had an idea for a bluebell crown, made with a wire base. I would not normally work with wire, but the bluebell stalks snap so easily, they needed support. I would not say I did a great job, of making this crown, it was a bit funny! Maya graciously tried it on for me. I needed to modify the design as it was not sitting well, and so Maya suggested putting it on up-side-down. This idea I loved, it turned it from a showy crown into romantic veil. Maya looked so lovely. The bluebells were gorgeous with her hair.


I then doubled it over itself and made a smaller tighter version that I tried on Elle over a bun. I only have a instagram photo of Elle modeling that version. Working with the bluebells was more challenging than other flowers, but a wonderful experience. I was giddy from the scent, totally intoxicated by the perfume, it was amazing. There are a few things I would do differently next time. I am excited to do this again, with more finesse, and  whole lot more grandeur.

6 thoughts on “Bluebell Crown

  1. you are the most wonderful mama, and I wish I had you as a neighbor. there would be lots of tea and creativity with natural treasures. xo

  2. Thank you Nina, yes, I am sure we would love being neighbors…funny enough my next door neighbor’s name is Nina, and we adore her!

  3. It makes it all the more specil when you wait for the flowers to bloom. Using what is seasonal creates a beautiful slow way of living. A lovely thing to pass onto your gorgeous girls x

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