Blossom Bonnet


I woke on this Saturday morning with a clear goal to to make a flower bathing cap, like you would have seen in the 50″s, but with real, fresh cherry blossoms. We had spent the week admiring the  blooming double cherry blossoms and I think my annual attraction to playing with them here and here led me effortlessly into this project.

The cherry blossoms were at the end of the cycle, and so this was not an idea that could be put off. Although I now consider this a stepping stone to another project I have planned for next Spring…oh yes…the ideas grow and grow.


The whole process involved some secrecy (me pinching flowers), and the finer details of process itself (I am going to keep to myself)…oh secrets, secrets. You can see some sneak peeks, our dinning room table was a mass of flowers and petals. I was sneezing my head off and when Cam rose from bed I had rubbed my eyes red with pollen allergies. Yes, I am a suffering artist.

Elle and I discussed my idea and she was willing to be my model. I asked her what she would like for modeling payment and she said “A lara bar…no four lara bars, one for everyone”. Our sweet girl so thoughtful to her loved ones. Despite her saying she would help, I was a little on edge that the actual event would go belly up. At any point Elle could have ripped the flowers from her head and  heaven forbid I not even get a photo!


Thankfully Elle was very easy going, her only insistence was to have this huge purple my little pony with her…not at all my plan, but I went with it…because…I had no choice. While I put the flower cap on her head, she took the opportunity to put flower petals down the front my my shirt. I was so caught up in my process, the petals pressed onto my skin at the end of the day was like a sweet love note from her. Residue of our creative Mama and daughter experience together.


The whole thing was really a beautiful mess – in the true sense of expression, my house was covered in flower petals. Petals were stuck everywhere. Working with flowers is such a joy, sweeping them up was a quiet moment for me to reflect on the beauty of creating – each and every step of the way. My first couple of weeks working for Papier Mache Magazine has been very inspiring, it has given me more reason to act on ideas…it has given me more creative purpose and to manifest the things I can see in that wonderful place, the imagination. It is funny though, I really do not need a reason to create, other than, it makes me feel good.

6 thoughts on “Blossom Bonnet

  1. I am with Nina … it was my favourite shot too … and all the time, I imagined perfume .. it was not too difficult to imagine with all those petals!

  2. Beautifully photographed and written. What a gorgeous, creative idea. I am inspired by your floral play…. I love that the clean up was meditative and reflective. You are amazing. As for suffering for your art; it was so worth it!

  3. Hi Leah, thank you for all your sweet comments. So glad you are inspired by our floral play, I am sure you will make/do lovely things with flowers and other lovely treasure you find. I know you are an earth Mama! I am really serious about raising the girls to appreciate the environment. By playing and creating with things in our yard, using natural found object, that are seasonal I think it sets a wonderful foundation for them. It is good for so many reasons. The more appreciation we have for these beautiful things, the more flowers and tress we want, and the better care we take of them. I feel like our love for these things is expressed by my making things with them, and like you said, it is inspiring! Love to you, Kirsten xx

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