Visiting Maine in Summer


A week in Maine was a treasured experience. We were invited to Yarmouth to stay with my friend Beth. We met Beth through the Waldorf playgroup in Brooklyn. Beth was one of Maya’s teachers. We are so grateful for being invited, as otherwise we would not have made the trip North. We went to Maine for the first time, only last October and we were very much looking forward to going back again ‘one day’, who knew we would return so soon! It was lovely to experience Maine again, this time in Summer.

The girls and I made the drive alone. We left at 6am, driving straight, arriving Portland 6 hours later. Perfect timing for lunch at Flatbread Pizza, our favorite family eating destination in Maine! We discovered Flatbread on our first trip to Maine. I always do a search for organic farm to table restaurants and health food stores before we travel somewhere and by doing this I came across Flatbread Pizza. Oh yes, my friends it is good, good, good. I phoned my friend Beth just as we were coming into Portland and she and her son drove down from Yarmouth to meet us for lunch! Such a great reunion!

I can not thank my friend and her family enough for her hospitality. We stayed in her parent’s home, which was a gorgeous mid century modern house with fantastic windows large overlooking the marshes Maine is famous for. The marshes were part of the property and so we were able to explore until our hearts were content. There was also a beautiful garden in full bloom, and wildflowers growing in the field, oh yes, we were happy!


My friend grew up in Maine and was a wonderful tour guide for us, taking us along old winding country roads, and off the beaten path. So fun to explore my friends favorite spots and have her share the memories.


Cam was not able to join us on this trip due to work commitments, and neither was Beth’s husband, so it was just the Mother’s and the children. Beth’s Mother joined us for a full day beach outing, which was an absolute pleasure! We went to the famous Popham Beach. I made a driftwood beach shelter and Elle found a sand dollar. Beth’s Mother said in all the years she has been coming to Popham, she had never found a sand dollar. I guess it was Elle’s lucky day. Her little hand took great care in keeping the sand dollar safe. It touched my heart that she valued it so much and had such tremendous pride and joy over finding it, and it was the highlight of her trip.


Maya’s favorite moment was when she found a snake in the rocks on the beach and Beth caught it. Maya was delighted to be able to hold a wild snake! So glad I have brave girls that love animals. My highlight of the trip was on our last evening when we built a fire on the beach and watched the sun set. We were treated to a glowing summer sky full of pink and organe hues. The children played in the water and spent hours creating wonderful pre-historic landscapes for dinosaurs.


I would love to share more of our trip, but I seem to be having trouble keeping up with it all right now! I will aim to share more photos in days to come. I Hope you enjoy this small selection of photos…

One thought on “Visiting Maine in Summer

  1. Beautiful photos Kirsten! What a gorgeous trip! Felt a pang of sadness that it wasn’t here. Someday I hope you will be able to visit us too! I know you will. OR we will visit you in Australia! Which I hope also happens!
    We got the package yesterday and the gloves are so perfect for Caleo! He was really excited. Thanks for being so sweet.
    Love you dearly and do want to catch up soon, have just been so crazy busy.

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