Nature Mandalas


Oh yes, the colour, the patterns, the beauty of nature! I can not get enough of making nature mandalas! It is like painting with flowers! Of course it does not have to be petals…as the seasons change, so too does the medium. With the onset of Autumn I have really enjoyed working with leaves, and I look forward to seeing how the meager months of Winter spark my mandala creativity. This is a part of my nature mandala collection, yes friends, there have been many more. Like I said, I like doing this a lot. You can¬†read more¬†about our family love for this activity. It is filling our days with creative nature based play, and I am ever so grateful, to have a creative outlet that does not cost the earth. I hope you are inspired to play with petals!

4 thoughts on “Nature Mandalas

  1. After seeing your Mandallas decided to make one spent an hour and a half, so relaxing was pleased with my first attempt.
    My daughter -in-law wanted to know if she could put one of your Mandallas on her yoga card or are they covered by copyright?
    Love seeing you and girls,might see a picture of Cameron one day Only met him twice when he was in his teens and came to Broken Hill.
    Had a photo of Keeley with her Headmaster at school of the air and another woman who was a former school of the air Student but do not have your email address regards Barbara.

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