Lighting the Underworld

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With a natural waking I exited a most remarkable dream. A dream unlike any other I have ever had. Not only did I wake from this sleep not tired despite going to bed past my most effective going to sleep time, but  I woke energized and inspired creatively in the most unusual way. I woke with a zest and zeal that lifted my soul. This dream had a fantasy aspect that appealed to me so greatly, it just could not be real, but everything about it was layered in real and true symbolism, that I could not deny the message.

I arrived at a large room, like a ball room but not fancy. With a high ceiling and wooden parquet floor, the room was utilitarian, sound quality, but not at all ornate. It was so large that could not focus on the walls as they were at great distance. It was a gathering place and when I arrived many other people were also arriving, something was about to happen and everyone was getting into their spot. With my natural inclination to be in the center of something I found myself standing at the front of a line that had formed. When I looked I could sense that people had stood in specific places in order to from a diagonal line in the space. There was another diagonal line on the other side of the room and I could see that the lines met at a point, and the two lines formed a huge V. I was at the head of one of the arms, taking place next to a plump middle-aged woman dressed in a long black dress, with long dark hair well below her waist. On the other side of her was another woman, much younger, who looked remarkably like myself. Young and slender, with very long blonde hair falling loosely abut her. Like me she was also wearing a full length fitted black dress.

Everything was happening very quickly, although I really had no idea of what was happening at all. I was not speaking to anyone, just standing at the head of the line waiting for something. People were still arriving, seeming to just pop into the space, magically stepping in from another realm. As the moment everyone was gathered for arrived, someone tried to take my place at the front of the line. In a characteristic show of my determination and fight, I pushed this person aside, to maintain my position, then in the next moment I was enveloped in a strong and secure hug by the plump woman by my side, and together we dived into the underworld.

With much speed and much force, we were flying though a long dark cavern. There were numerous tunneling off shoots like veins in a body, in which we were flying. I knew it was the underworld because there was a cave like ceiling, with no light. Only tones of black and dark grey distinguished depth. We were flying rapidly but with skill, into a tunneling abyss, keeping in the uppermost part of the underworld where there was a small clearing of space free from dust particles. Bellow us settled a dark gradient cloud of never ending smog sediment.

We flew for some time, so fast, with such pressure that my body was pressed into the body of the woman who was holding me. I could not fly myself, but the force bonded us together and I melded into her soft mound. I thought to myself how fortunate it was that my flier was plump, as it meant for a comfy ride. After noting and feeling gratitude for my comfortable companion, the time had come to do what I was supposed to do. No one really told my what I was supposed to do, but I just knew. Like a newborn babe being put to breast, it was instinct.

I closed my eyes and opened my mind. I opened my mind with a tremendous burst. Stars and bubbles were exploding into the dark. I was showering the underworld with my light. It was a spectacular display and for a moment it made the underworld look brilliant like  outer space. I marveled at all the incandescent particles that were being set free from my thoughts, like little sparks of magic. It felt wonderful to let go, to release and to see the atmosphere change.  My flier was pleased and I could feel her warmth and her own personal satisfaction that together we had worked. Then it was over. I had blasted out all the goodness that I had in me and I was back in the hall.

I do not really know how I got back, or what happened after, but I felt fragile and spent and when I looked down at my legs, I was wearing a fine golden gown of thick woven thread and my hair was now in a bun on the top of my head. I was being supported at my elbows by a person on either side, and being led over to a woman. In my mind I instantly thought she must be a queen. While in looks she appeared strong and beautiful, this queen was humble, elegant, but plainly dressed sitting cross-legged on the floor. There was much space around her, with people standing silently in their viewing positions. I knelt down in front of her, bowing as low as possible, resting my head on the floor, and I wept. I wept with huge heaving sobs of relief. The crowd watched and felt my release, and the queen lay her hand on the back of my head, to comfort me. I had served the queen, and I had served the people, and my tears were the tears of fear and joy and gratitude all rolled into a momentous reality to be living the privilege of this life.

The dream went on a little longer and then by body clock I woke. What ever the significance of the role I played in this dream, when I woke, there was a little smiling face by the side, and I was greeted with “Good morning Mummy”. My dream had been remarkable and suddenly I felt so happy, incredibly happy. I was full and satisfied and in that moment I felt such joy for my real role in life. Oh yes, I am a mother! This is it, this my role and every day I get to open my mind and share my light with the universe, which just happens to be my children. Maya snuggled up to me, I relayed my crazy dream to her, warning her that it was a bit scary because I go into the underworld. Maya declared that the underworld was not scary, and in fact she was right, the underworld is not scary, it is just not a place you would want to get stuck in, but then we discussed you would not go there in the first place if you did not have the capacity to leave.

Grumbling tummies had us rise from bed. Elle met us at the top of the stairs and together we descended to the kitchen. Listening to chatter from the girls I prepared breakfast. Elle is always full of questions in the morning and as I sat a glass of water and bowl of raspberries in front of her she said “Mum, have you ever picked raspberries?”. I told her I had not, because I have not ever harvested raspberries, but conversations need to be interesting and educational so I said “I have picked salmon berries!” and of course then Elle wanted to know all about picking salmon berries in Alaska. “Do they taste good” she wondered with a name like that! “Oh yes!” I said, “Salmon berries are very good!”

We made our way back up stairs after breakfast and Cam had just woken up. In my eagerness to tell him about my dream, I followed him from room to room as he bathed and dressed. I was just so excited about this dream sequence that I could not stop talking about it. Dreams really are remarkable, one must have someone to share them with. Whether they be sleep dreams or awake dreams, I want to be that woman that uses her mind to light dark places, oh yes I do! My husband listened as he methodically prepared to leave for work, he really was listening too, I can tell the difference from when one of my stories catches his attention or not. When I was quite done with my verbal depiction full of great enthusiasm for the experience “I was flying, really flying and it was so fast!” Cam complimented me. “Very good Mummy, well done!” I sat quietly for a moment perched on the bed marveling at the fact that my sweet husband praised me for me dreams. Who knew you could get compliments for the things you think of while sleeping!

P.S. My apologies in advance for those that found this too egotistical, I certainly do have a healthy ego, but it seems in my dreams I have made myself into a warrior of light and goodness! Not a days goes by that I do not think about my relationship and position on this planet, and this surely seeps into my unconscious, in a big way! I think we all have that light within us to make change and illuminate the dark aspects of existence. If anything, my only wish is that by sharing my dreams ignites a spark in others.

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  1. I know that I am commenting long after you have written this post, but wow, what a wonderful post! I believe dreams are one avenue that our higher selves guide, remind and encourage us. Even though I do not know you, I find much encouragement and inspiration from you. Your values are so like mine, and your spririt emanates from your site. I would say that you do shine light, not only on your children, but on all those who read your blog.

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