Tendril Flower Crown

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I worked on a flower crown today, and felt a strong urge to extend it further, with flowers hanging into the hair. This is an evolution from my usual flower crown style into an asymmetrical crown with flower tendrils. Partly this had to do with the lovely purple Campanula growing all through our garden as I was inspired to let the bells hang down from the crown. It also had to do with an idea I am loving of becoming the flower crown, and blurring the border of where the crown ends and the girls start. I like the image of the crown and the girl’s hair all being one, like the crown is growing from the girl. If the girls were willing I would like to take this idea further! I often think of my girls as living flowers. I photographed Maya in the crown first, in colour and it really looked like a bit of a mess…then when I was trying it on Elle I accidentally hit the black & white setting on my phone and snapped a whole heap of  images in B & W. Lucky for me this worked so much better than the colour. Often with flower crowns the color is such a lovely aspect, but on this occasion there was too much colour and the B & W allowed the concept come to life. As usual, my favourite edits are the lifeless, neutral or melancholic expressions, but to show sweet Elle does in fact experience joy, I included a few smiles…

photo 2 (3) - Version 2photo 3 (1)photo 2 (2)photo 1 (2)photo 5photo 1 (1)photo 4 (3)


Elle is wearing a third person hand-me-down dress by Bebe.



4 thoughts on “Tendril Flower Crown

  1. Love these images in b&w! Ah, she is delightful and you’re SO patient and creative. Happy to ‘know’ you here.
    Much love,
    green mountain momma 😉

  2. I accidently came across your pics when looking for inspiration for a floral crown.
    These are just beautiful! I will try the flower trendil at the side. Lovely keepsake for Elle she is just gorgeous.

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