Leaves Oh Leaves


Just the word leaves, gets me, they leave, they leave the tree as summer says goodbye. We turn over a new leaf and the next season begins…a symbol for us of change. Our mornings become a little slower as we pause to stay beneath the covers, snuggling into the warmth that has become cozy for the crispness in the air. Suddenly a distinction of inside and outside returns, doors and windows close, layers become insulation.

Autumn and the abundance means busy hands, the leaves are such an inspiration. Each season we create with the leaves, celebrating the seasonal transition and the gift of the medium. Leaves, amazing leaves! Here are some of our favorite crafts that you might like to try! Links to details or tutorials : – Capes, and capelets, crowns & wreaths, leaf illustrations, leaf mandalas, and my favorite, Leaf Peepers!

Drawing with leaves…binding leaves, layerings leaves…This is ephemeral work, it is meant to be enjoyed, in a fleeting moment. It is new, then it passes…and next season, it is new again.



7 thoughts on “Leaves Oh Leaves

  1. soo inspiring!!
    thanks so much for sharing all these beautiful pictures! I’m so excited to try to make a leaf capelet!!!
    Thank you!

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