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{ Soor Ploom : –  Scottish for “sour plum” is a sharp flavoured, round, green boiled sweet originally associated with Galashiels, Scotland. They are sold loose by weight in paper bags, traditionally in “quarters” — a quarter of a pound }

I had the pleasure recently of working with Marissa Buick the designer and owner of Soor Ploom. It was a dream come true to work creatively with Marissa and photograph her beautiful clothing. Soor Ploom clothes whisper of days gone by when everything was made thoughtfully and slowly with skill, and lucky for us Marissa keeps this spirit alive and shares it with us with her impeccable style and ethics. The collection is in stores now at select stockists.

Hello Marissa!

Q: With two adorable daughters it is easy to imagine that they are the inspiration behind starting a children’s clothing label. What else led you into children’s fashion?
A: I have always loved clothes. One of my first memories as a child is being at the fabric store with my mother, who, like many of our mothers in the 70’s, made all of our clothes when we were little girls. This made a real impression on me. Later, when my sister and I went to high school we got very involved in sewing projects. Growing up in Connecticut during the 90’s, it was impossible to find quality dresses that suited our distinct style at the mall, to wear to our formal school dances. So with the help of my mother, we designed and made our own. We still have them, they are really beautiful and have a new life as dress-ups for our children. We also wore a dress code in highschool, which was dreadful, although I do appreciate the need for it. It was not cool, so my sister and I were always hunting the racks at the Salvation Army for something unique, and slightly avant-garde. These hours spent were not in vain, and instilled a sense of fashion and individualism at a very young age.

Q: You shared with me previously a very sweet story of how you came up with the name Soor Ploom, after the candy, will you share the story?
A: My husband is from Scotland, and so my daughters are half Scottish. We visit family there every summer, I love the culture and the landscape is breathtaking. On a trip there before my children were born, I happened into a shop where I saw a jar of sweets called “soor plooms”. It simply means “sour plums” in a Scots brogue. I immediately loved how it sounded and looked, and how it had a childlike essence, without sounding childish.

Q: Yours style has a distinct vintage element, seeming to draw from classic children’s clothing of yesteryear. Do you find inspiration from old patterns and vintage pieces?
A: I am so happy you picked up on that. I love vintage, and would rather do nothing more than go rummaging at the flea market with my sister. I find lots of inspiration from the vintage pieces I find, children’s clothing but also vintage doll clothes, fabrics, photographs, and illustration.

Q: Fabric quality is obviously very important to you as the fabrics you select are amazing. I love that you always use natural fibers.
A: Our fabrics are very high quality. I always choose 100% natural fibers, which include cotton, linen, and hopefully wool in the future. No synthetic fibers compete for feel and longevity. Liberty of London pima cottons are always included in our collection, their prints are timeless, colors are sophisticated, and always inspire.

Q: Where and how are you garments made?
A: I design the collection in Greenpoint Brookyln, where I live. Our clothing is all sewn a few miles away by a small crew of four, under extremely fair working conditions. Keeping our production local is not only sustainable and ecofriendly, but allows me a lot of freedom and ease. Some of the patterns are drafted by myself, and I work with a local pattern maker as well.

Q: Do you plan to extend your size range or doing a boys line?
A: Yes, I would like the collection to grow with my children, and I plan to keep adding sizes well into their teens if they continue to share my aesthetic of course! Fingers crossed! I would love to add some boy pieces, and plan to do so as we grow up.

Q: Where is your collection available?
A: We have numerous stockists, both brick and mortar stores, and online boutiques.

Thank you Marissa!

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  1. these beautiful photos, and the clothing here, remind me very much of the artwork and lifestyle of Swedish artist Carl Larsson. loved this post, Kirsten!

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