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Feeling very inspired by the Autumn Winter 14 collection of Mabo, the girls and I ventured to the woods to gather images for the Mabo lookbook. I adore working with Emily, besides her clothes seemingly made for us, Emily has become a best friend and there is a comfort that can only described as close and sisterly. I really look forward to each season rolling around and seeing what Emily designs and how we come together as a collaboration. Emily and I never make plans or discuss concepts, we just roll with it.

I let the clothes inform me and open myself to whatever else is happening in our life, which this week happened to be crab apples and needing to collect kindling. We had baskets of crab apples left over from making the fresh flower pajaki and so I took them with us to play with. They ended up becoming a scattered trail like red berries evoking the journey of Hansel and Gretel. We then moved on to collecting kindling for our winter fires and pinecones for Christmas decorations. The girls played and collected while I periodically took photos. Little girls in capes really do look at home in the forrest.

While editing the images I was thinking of a woodland flower wreath I made almost to the day last year and felt like playing with Photoshop and combining some images. I need more practice with photoshop that is for sure, or another method, as it feel so crude… none the less I shall persevere, there is something creative bubbling away, just have to get it right… perhaps next year!

Along with various gorgeous items from the Mabo AW14 collection, the girls are wearing Frye Dakota Boots, and Bumpy Bonnet by Typically Red.

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  1. I hope you are keeping a photo journal x two for the girls to have as forever mementos! these are every lovely images and words xx

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