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{ THE ACORN was the ancient Nordic symbol of life, an old folk belief holds that carrying an acorn ensures a long life }

Acorn is a very special toy shop and if you seek it out, it will become a memorable family destination. It is an iconic fixture of Atlantic Avenue, in the beautiful neighborhood of Boerum Hill in Brooklyn. If I could dream of absolutely any item I would love to give my children or gift to other children, it can be found at Acorn.

Established in 2004 by Diane Crespo and Karin Schaefer, Acorn is soon to celebrate 10 amazing years of helping children and families explore and expand imaginations through play. A perfectly curated and thoughtfully selected range specializing in hand-made and artisan goods, Acorn is more than just a toy store it is a bank of childhood magic. Beyond providing their customers with gorgeous items to purchase, there is a underlaying intent and heart-felt sincerity to create the best possible life for children. This energy, or magic as I like to call it, is evident the moment you walk through the door.


Acorn is committed to offering quality products that are crafted using environmentally sustainable practices and materials made by artisans who receive a living wage for their work, both locally and internationally. In an effort to support a healthy childhood for all children Acorn donates a percentage of sales to both national and international schools and organizations that provide services for children.


At Acorn you can find something unique and meaningful for any child. Invest in exclusive heirloom keepsakes or as we do each time we visit, add to a collection of pocket fairies (handmade and only $12 each!). It is the one  and only toy store we go to, where I can honestly promise to the girls that I will not say “No” to their requests. As a discerning Mother it is so nice to be able to take my children to Acorn and be able to say “Yes!” I may require they put it on their Christmas list, but this is said in truth, not as a tactic because I do not want to buy it for moral, ethical or financial reasons. Acorn is a cornucopia of feel good art supplies, books, clothes and toys and we look forward to visiting time and time again.

The girls and I are collaborating with Acorn this Christmas and we are really excited to share our Acorn Christmas wish list with you in the weeks ahead. Join the Acorn mailing list to hear about upcoming sales, promotions and lifestyle inspiration.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this article and photos, I have often wondered what Acorn Toys looks like, adorable!

  2. L’efficacia della bufala è proprio dovuta a quello che un po’ tutti abbiamo descritto in questi conotmei.Nmn fa leva tanto sul nostro desiderio di equità, quanto sulla nostra invidia verso chi è più ricco e potente di noi.

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