Ice lanterns

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When the weather is freezing cold, then you celebrate by making things that are frozen! Ice lanterns are both novel and beautiful, and take so little to make. You can get the gist from the drawing below… Or read thorough instruction at the bottom of the photos.

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Yogurt containers, or another medium recycled container.
Smaller container, that fits inside the large container, I used an drinking cup.
Wool or string to hang lantern.
Tape to hold the wool in place while it is freezing.
Collected plant greenery.
Rice or lentils.


1. Place the wool in the bottom of the yogurt container, laying it over the edges and down the outer sides. Tape the wool on the outside of the yogurt container, to hold it in an even balancing place while the water freezes.
2. Fill the yogurt container about half full with water.
3. Fill the small cup with rice or lentils (this is to weight it down).
4. Place the rice filled cup to float in the yogurt container with water. If the cup is going to sink, then tip out some of the water, so that the cup of rice floats above the water line in the yogurt container.
5. Gently place greenery around the floating cup.
6. Freeze.
7. Once frozen, tip out the rice, and remove the cup. If the cup is stuck you can add a little hot water to melt it just enough to remove.
8. Unstick the taped wool from the outside of the container.
9. Remove the yogurt container from the frozen water, this might take a little warm water too.
10 Add a tea light, and you have a lantern!


If you are interested in knowing more about making the snow hut, it is called a quinzhee, and you can see another that we have made  here.


2 thoughts on “Ice lanterns

  1. Attempting this tonight…it’s only supposed to be 3 degrees…so a good night for making frozen lanterns. Thank you ever so much for the directions and inspiration. The children are going to love them. X

  2. Yes a perfect temperatures! I thought it would be fun do do some with colored water too! In layers… xoxo

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