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Blanca’s jewelry collection consists of simple and unique pieces that are easy to wear and love. Modest treasures are a part of your everyday and then become heirlooms that can be passed down through the generations.

The line is committed to responsible and exquisite craftsmanship in every step of the production process. Working with environmentally responsible vendors and minimizing material waste is a priority. Using recycled gold exclusively on all of the rings and bands. The white and champagne diamonds are either recycled or conflict-free diamonds that come from sources that are full participants in the Kimberley process certification system. All jewelry pieces are made by hand, one at a time, locally in New York City with most finishing touches done at their Brooklyn studio.

Originally from Barcelona, Blanca holds a BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. Currently she lives in New York City with her husband, daughter, son, and cat. When not making jewelry in her Brooklyn studio, she can be found rummaging for inspiration in the fallen seeds of Prospect Park, the antique trinkets in local flea markets, and 19th century novels.  Her studio is located in the Gowanus area of Brooklyn and open for private consultations by appointment. 


Hello Blanca!

Q. How long have you been designing and making jewelry?
It started as a side project, while I was in art school for Industrial Design, around 2001. After that, I worked for fashion jewelry companies in New York for a few years, until I took the leap to go out on my own in 2009. It was interest that I always had while growing up, as a child I always made jewelry; with found objects or glass beads and string… My grandparents had a small farm outside of Barcelona. My grandfather who also worked as an electrician at the village, repaired those old Tiffany lamps with the colorful glass fringe at the bottom of the shades. He used to bring handfuls of those strands for me and my sister to play with. I spend many summer days at my grandparents farm petting baby bunnies and making necklaces for everyone using string and fishing wire! It was always something I loved to do, working with my hands and making things, but I never thought that it would turn into a real “job”.  I feel so lucky to be able to do what I love today, and thankful to have people who appreciate it.

Q. I recall you saying as child you had a fascination with miniatures, and this seems to have influenced your life path. You were studying ? but the scale of the objects were wrong, and then you realized that you were drawn to Jewelry for the small and fine proportions?
I did go to school for Industrial design, specifically I wanted to focus on furniture design. But the scale never felt right, not until I started taking silver-smithing I felt as if something just clicked.

Q. You started your jewelry trade through an internship/apprenticeship?
After graduating with an ID degree I knew that I wanted to focus on jewelry fabrication instead ! (life can be funny that way) , so I looked for an internship and was lucky to find just that in NH Connecticut with an old fashion craftsman and goldsmith who took me under his wing..

Q. Jewelry holds stories, pieces become keepsakes and are often symbolic of significant moments in life. It is lovely that as an artist, you are creating this medium, for people to pin their memories too.
Yes, to me the most important pieces of jewelry are those who have a personal significance, pieces that you connect with and they become part of you, like old friends.

Q.You offer keepsake that are a counterbalance to a disposable culture. Investing in heirlooms is an opportunity to feel good and be part of positive change. Is your children’s collection a response to the current shift in consumerism, where people are investing in quality not quantity in efforts to live a more connected and conscious lifestyle?
To me is very important to do as much as possible to minimize our impact on the environment. Both as a company using recycled materials and low polluting processes and as a consumer. That is something I try to pass onto my children as well to not be wasteful and respectful to the environment and not focus happiness on material possessions (toys and gifts)

We don’t pursue as a company, to make trendy jewelry but jewelry for the long term, well made and with good quality materials. In other words they are not pieces that would be just used for a few seasons, but pieces that are hopefully going to become part of you and that you will want to keep always. Just like the children’s jewelry, and be passed on from one generation to the next.  I have been making the same seed rings since I first started making jewelry back in art school in 2001, and those are still our best selling items today. To me is important to make jewelry pieces that I feel I would wear and love. They are not trendy or statement pieces but simple pieces easy to wear everyday. That is why I am particular interested on pieces that can be customized or engraved with either initials or dates. Making the jewelry pieces even more personal for a particular individual who will be wearing them..

Q. A lot of people might be worried to give their children heirloom quality jewelry, I personally think it is a wonderful opportunity to teach children what “precious and special” means, and a beautiful way to instill value and responsibility. You daughter must have a beautiful collection of jewelry you have made for her, how do you store it and when does she wear it? How old is your daughter?
My family growing up did not have much jewelry at all. So the only things I owned were a handful of small very simple pieces. I too have always considered jewelry something special and not taken for granted and I would like my children to feel the same way and not assume that everyone has diamond earrings. For that reason my daughter who is almost 5 years old does not have a lot of jewelry. She really only wears a pair of our seed studs that I made for her when she was 8 months, and has been wearing since then, we never take them off. I also made a little gold bangle for her with her name engraved, and she does wear that most days. Those are the ’serious pieces” that she knows are special and that she has to take care off. She does like jewelry though! So we have a few other pieces that we have made together with strings and beads to play with. The gold pieces are designed in mind to be something treasured and a keepsake. The pieces are all flexible enough that they can grow with the child and eventually also be worn as an adult.
Q. Do you do custom pieces, and can people visit your studio?
Yes, that is one of the most important parts of our business and how everything got started really! I started working from home, from my basement and meeting with clients at my dining table for custom made engagement rings and wedding bands.. It was after getting pregnant really, that I decided to try to do it on my own. With twins on the way I know it was going to be tough working for anyone specially with the long hours and stressful schedules that are common in the trade. I needed a more flexible schedule and a work that I could manage at my own time.

The business has grown a little since then and we are now at a studio space in Brooklyn and I have a wonderful and dedicated team. It was important for me to make sure that the jewelry pieces did not loose that personal handmade touch, so the jewelry is still made by hand – one at a time – with most finishing touches done at our own Brooklyn studio. using recycled metals and stones when possible, is another principal to which we are committed.
The studio is open for ring consultations by appointment and we still work on special custom projects based on our designs.

Q. Who stocks your adult collection? Are all your pieces available online?
The collection is available in full on our website  and specific pieces are available through our retailers, you can view a list of stockists here.

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  1. Such stunning photos Kirsten!! They really capture the innocence and beauty of the jewellery. And oooh to see spring flowers xx

  2. These photographs are so beautiful. I know nothing about children’s jewellery. But you have enhanced their beauty. Such talent, Kirsten.

  3. Thank you Vanessa, I can see you would appreciate Blanca’s fine collection. It truly is special and a keepsake to make memories with. xoxo

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