Paper Snowflakes


Our snowflakes became a little more detailed and fanciful this year. Inspired by our very favorite place to visit in Brooklyn, Acorn Toy Shop, I made these thematic snowflakes for their Winter window display. Created in the same method as we have done in the past { Snowflake Tutorial }  but this year with reindeer, fir trees, dancing ladies, a little house and picket fence, peace doves, and acorns. I loved the addition of the season symbolism as it creates a little more depth, for those that like to look closely. I did not use stencils to makes the shapes, I just cut away with the exacto blade freestyle.



I had to deliver the snowflakes to Acorn, and they are very delicate so I made a cardboard folder to protect them, which is also a great storage idea if you want to save your snowflakes each season! I painted on the outside of the folder so they would be easy to locate during the backroom bustle of stock arriving, which as you can imagine, is boxes upon boxes. Inspired by my Grandmother’s art (heart and soul that make me who I am) the folder took on a sweet vintage 195o’s christmas feel… completely unintentional, but really so fitting.


Happy Holidays to you and your family!



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