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There is nothing I love more than to spread the joy of fairy play. We have had a rich childhood filled with endless imaginative scenarios because of a little blue felt fairy we bought in Australia when Maya was three. For many years Bluebell has been Maya’s go to toy (she even has a character voice). Bit by bit we have built Bluebell’s world, adding more felt fairy friends and miniatures, to have a slowly formed collection, precisely curated with a lot of love… speaking of love, above is the very well loved Bluebell, below is what Bluebell looked like BEFORE all the love.


We get our fairies from Acorn, except Bluebell who we actually bought in Australia, but by coincidence, Acorn sell the very same fairies. We were so delighted when we discovered this because we had searched all over the world to find more, then on our first visit to Acorn, it was a dream come true.

We now have a collection of these little handmade felt fairies, which we have collected slowly and surely each visit to Acorn (although some visits they are sold out). The girls love to choose, and sometimes it is a very hard choice, and therefore they make wishes on which fairy they want next. Acorn currently have some felt fairies available in sets of four in the online inventory. If you take a look { order these } you will see Bluebell in this set. They are sold out in-store, as Acorn like to keep their online and in-store stock separate, but as I write this, there are some available on-line. The fairies are supposed to be arriving in-store any day now, and then they will be sold individually for $15 each, but be warned they sell out at lightning speed. They are hand made in Lithuania and it is old fashioned communication so they never know when the fairies are going to arrive, which really is part of the magic…We have gone in twice already this November expectantly and left fairyless.


We purchased the wooden tree house  Maya has from Magic Cabin. You can get it in a set with lots of bits, or just buy the house on its own. It comes in pieces and you have to build it, and as I recall, I found it easier to build than Cam did… ha! Don’t try and build it at midnight on Christmas eve.

 Elle’s wooden tree house was handmade in Maine, and that was a special custom order from Acorn, but they do not sell them now. Acorn do sell other fairy house though, that are really really special. They are made from sticks, and have moss on them. Each one is handmade and unique, and they are truly works of art – they are not listed on the website, you have to see them in person to know the beauty. They also sell very quickly around Christmas, they are the dream Christmas present for a fortunate child.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 6.31.35 PM

We love this little, little miniature tea set from Acorn too. Bluebell has the blue, but there is also red. It is teenie tiny and compliments the fairies perfectly.


Maya always builds her fairy house scene on a playsilk, it helps ground the play, and contain it in a ‘garden’. We have a collection of Sarah’s silks, one for each season. Maya likes to “change out” Bluebell’s world when she feels the seasonal shift Spring is a light green silk, Summer is a dark green silk, Autumn is an orange silk, Winter is a white silk. Maya places a folded piece of cotton fabric beneath the silk to give it more depth. You could use any fabric base really… which I know you all have plenty off. If you happen to go to Acorn, they sell the silks in store but not on-line.

 Around the fairy houses the girls like to place wooden trees, which we have bought from Padilly over the years. We collect the Holztiger animals and trees and Padilly have a super Holztiger collection. Once again… Acorn sell wooden animals and trees in store too and you can also find beautiful handmade wooden trees on Etsy.


Now for all the miniatures things to go in the fairy house, I must stress we have collected for years now, from all over the place, from op-shops, to yard sales, antique stores, to bits of junk Maya finds on the ground, but many of the proper dollhouse miniature things we have bought from Factory Direct. We like Factory Direct as they have a vast selection, and it makes it very easy to purchase all in one spot. I type in “miniatures into the search box and it brings up hundreds of options. My girls become excited making miniature wish lists near gift giving occasions. You do have to take time to look, and sort out the sweet things, like little woven baskets and real glass drinking glasses, from the junky things, but there are some very cute items to be found. The miniatures make great stocking stuffers. I quite enjoy looking too. Be sure to always read the dimensions and the materials, we have on occasion ordered things we thought were miniature only to realize when they arrived they were small, but not miniature enough. Maya also likes to make things for Bluebell, like this rake she made from beeswax and wooden skewers. I also have made my fair share of things for Bluebell too, like her bedding, that changes patterns with each season.


I hope this helps some of you build beautiful fairy worlds, and that hours of play fill your home with the beauty of childhood.

Kirsten x


6 thoughts on “Fairy Play

  1. These fairies are exquisite – the little mushroom one is so like one of the Children of The Forest from the Elsa Beskow book. The play worlds you and your girls have created sound idyllic.

  2. May I ask where the vest that Maya is wearing is from? I think vests are so brilliant especially for kids who don’t like wearing sweaters!

  3. Yes, the vest is by Misha and Puff. Maya is wearing the size 4, which still fits her even though she is 9 now.

  4. What a lovely fairy world…your girls are so lucky. My three sons each have a special little one, handmade by their Waldorf kindergarten teacher. They live in our little miss fairy house most of the year…not played with anymore as the guys are 15-25! But still treasured. We put them on our Christmas tree this year…
    Sarah, Sarah’s Silks.

  5. Im just reading this post now and nodding my head in agreement with everything your wrote! Although I found the faries through a different source, they’ve become such a pretend play staple in our home! Just like your girls, my older three have been building and re-building intricate miniature worlds for their various flower fairies. And whats even a funnier coincidence is that we have that same wooden doll house with the stairs! I found it deeply discounted many years ago at a toy shop on the west coast. Such a good find (wink).

    When it comes to nurturing the power of play, I feel like you are such a kindred spirit Kirsten! Sending you lots of love from DC.

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