It’s a Date

I am a big fan of snacking. Since having babies, and having the calories burn like a wild fire my snacking has been a guilt free pleasure. Despite currently having a fast metabolism and being able to eat what I want, I still choose to snack on healthy things instead of junk….for obvious reasons….you are what you eat, which makes me, a super sweet fresh date with peanut butter!

This is a favorite snack that I surely developed from combining last remaining fridge items.  The fresh date and nut-butter combo, is really really yummy. It makes for a great 4pm snack or small after dinner dessert.

Usually we have peanut butter in the fridge, but sometimes I splurge and buy macadamia or almond butters. A fresh date with a dollop of Macadamia butter is the best. Let me add here that peanut butter says REFRIGERATE AFTER OPENING, for all of those that do not keep your nut butters in the fridge. Much better for you, much better flavour when kept cool and dark.

Fresh dates with nut butter makes a good healthy snack, high in fiber, a good source of protein with natural sugars and unsaturated fat. Try it, you might just find this the perfect alternative to chocolate.

I buy fresh medjool dates, take the pip out and place a small spoon of nut better inside. The girls love this treat too!

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