The Chop

Today I had my hair cut, and I have to say, I am feeling a little remorseful. This is usual for me, which is probably why I have always had varying degrees of long hair because I can’t bare to cut it! I always feel bad after a hair cut. Well that is not entirely true. If I have a trim and by a trim I mean an inch, then I am ok, and I feel good but any more and I leave the hair dresser feeling like I have given away too much, and I miss my golden locks. I went to the hair dressers today with full intention of having a big chop, of letting go of some weight. My hair is heavy, it is fine, but there is a lot of it, and when it is wet it is very heavy. It has also been years since I have had a significant cut, a cut that people actually notice, and for some reason I felt like I had to. It is a strange feeling when you feel you have to do something unlike your self. My hair was the longest it has ever been, coming close  to this long once when I was about 10 years old. I think this is what makes me so sad about having now cut it off. It was the hormones of my two pregnancies and breast feeding that seemed to make my hair grow so much, and it was long and shinny and healthy! Now that part of my life is past. My abundant hair was like a blessing for having become a mother and now it is gone….Oh, I feel so sad…..I know, I know, it will grow!

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  1. Hi .. I am not quite sure how I came across you blog, .. I think I was surfing about Kitchen stuff .. and childrens things.

    Anyway .. I went on holiday to Montreal a few weeks ago, only for a week .. and had my hair cut over there… My hairdresser in the UK had been trying to persuade me for ages to get it cut…. It took my cousin and a total stranger of a hairdresser to convince me .,, I had it cut about my shoulders 🙂 Yep it will grow, but I love it.

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