The Rainbow Sparkle Party!

We had a fantastic day full of colourful party games and activities! Rainbow face painting, a rainbow pass the parcel, a rainbow pinata full of glitter, freeze dance and then the rainbow sparkle cup cake Birthday cake! It was an incredibly hot day and at some points we were all a bit heat exhausted….funny though how even the hottest day of the year does not slow down the kids. There was lots of running a screaming and talking and laughing….FUN FUN FUN…..which is what a 4th Birthday is all about! Happy Birthday our dear little Maya!

5 thoughts on “The Rainbow Sparkle Party!

  1. Kirsten,

    I love the idea of having photos of Maya strung up with pegs on the wall … what a nice collection of memories for her to see … and for you to share …. from your photos, it looks like she had a great time celebrating with all of her friends! …… Happy Birthday Maya!

  2. Hope you are feeling better Zoe! Being sick is a drag, but I am sure the pretty flowers you planted will lift your spirits!

  3. We are planting a winter fairy garden … inspired by you and your girls!! we’ll let you know how we go ….

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