A Rosie Life

June blooms with roses galore, and we are very happy to have so many in the yard! Daily we are stopping to smell the roses! The inspiration behind Maya’s 5th Birthday party (planned for Sunday the 19th) is the rambling rose bush that occupies almost the entire back fence. With hundreds of roses blooming at once in the faintest powder pink, almost white, it is enchanting. It captures my imagination, I wonder how old the bush is, and who planted it, and how many people have stopped to smell it’s flowers. It is such a marvelous thing, it survives dormant all winter and then bursts back to life with such confidence.

Upon waking I open the blinds to admire the rose bush, and make sure I walk past it a few times, taking in a big deep breath of the scent so sweet – as you can see I am not the only one. Maya skips around the yard, dancing close to the roses with elongated gestures, as if to say “I would touch you if I could were it not for your thorns”…it is all so whimsical and romantic. We like to collect the fallen petals and with full hands, throw them into the sky! The grassy lawn is dappled with petals. With lots of buds still to open, we hope they are still blooming in 10 days for our party!

One thought on “A Rosie Life

  1. Do you have any idea of what kind of rose bush you have?
    Do you know how to take cuttings from it (so that you can transplant some of that whimsy to your new place when you move) ??

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