Pumpkin Picking

Here we are pumpkin picking for the first time! I have often thought how fun it would to wander through a farm and choose a pumpkin on a sunny Autumn day, and yesterday we did exactly that. In the almost four years we have been living in America, I have had my eye out for a pumpkin farm nearby that grows pumpkins. It is easy enough to find giant pumpkins this time of year in the supermarket, but I wanted to actually pick one from a pumpkin patch. Now that we are not living in Brooklyn, we have much easier access to farms. Within half an hour drive I found Conklin Farm, which seemed to me the perfect pumpkin picking spot. I looked through a list of about 8 U-pick farms, and I chose this one for two reasons – I liked that they had sunflowers and pumpkins growing together, and they did not charge an entry fee. Generally when we go to a farm like this, our Children are not so interested in hay rides or such, so we prefer to have the option of pay if you use, rather than “free hay rides” for a $5 per head entry price. The Girls enjoyed sitting on the giant pumpkins – which was novelty enough.

The drive to the farm was lovely. The leaves are staring to change and so all round the outing was seasonally scenic. For the last few miles we drove along a beautiful creek, glistening with sunshine. On arrival we were surprised by the amount of cars in the parking lot. The number of people did not detract from our experience, and in fact it was festive to see everyone out filling wheel borrows with pumpkins. Some of whom really seemed like pumpkin connoisseurs!

We have had a resurgence of warm weather, with today being 29˚C. This whole weekend has been beautiful and in fact we were feeling over heated while wandering paddock – silly me did not pack our hats! The hole experience was golden hued,  with deep feelings of warmth. The sunflowers, the pumpkins, the chrysanthemums, and the rays of the sun made it a celebration of Autumnal colours – it was all so vibrant and intense. The peak of the sunflowers had passed and so I made a mental note to go a few weeks earlier next year.

We each selected a pumpkin, and then wheeled our borrow onto the scales. $37 latter we had more than enough pumpkin for one family! Then home again to put them on our door step – next thing to do, make jack-lanterns!

6 thoughts on “Pumpkin Picking

  1. Kirsten, I thought of you yesterday when we were at The Blaze (http://www.hudsonvalley.org/events/blaze) – a display of 4,000 (!) amazingly carved Jack O’Lanterns on a beautiful estate in the Hudson River Valley. You could do these, I’m sure. Well, maybe not 4,000 – but the artistry of them reminded me of you. And my favorite section was probably the toadstools and mushrooms.
    Love your pictures and your blog!

  2. Klaudia – I had wanted to go to The Blaze this year – but remembered too late and tickets were sold out on nights we felt we could take the Children. I will try and remember next year – we really want to do this! I would have loved to see the toadstool pumpkins. Did you take photos of them? I might have to carve toadstools into ours this year!

    Thanks for thinking of me.
    K xo

  3. Hi! We went pumpkin picking this past weekend too! The Blaze is organized, run and creatively directed by Frank’s best friend from high school, pretty cool huh? We are bummed to not be able to go this year, the kids and I were just talking about it today. You should definitely try to get to it next year. xo

  4. Yes, the event sells out every year. When we couldn’t get tickets last year I wrote myself a note in my calendar for this year because I really wanted to see it. I tried to take pictures but they didn’t come out well. Also, the pictures they have on their website don’t do the display justice. Larry took some pictures, if he has any of the toadstools I will pass them on to you! Can’t wait to see pictures of your carvings! xK

  5. Hello Rebecca,
    Lovely to meet you too! I just took some time to read your blog, and it is beautiful – you are living the Waldorf lifestyle beautiful, and I admire you so for it. I often wish I was more immersed in Waldorf. We have so much loved each and every aspect of our Waldorf exposure, but sadly we moved and are not longer involved with our previous Waldorf group.

    A friend of mine (who I met through or Waldorf playgroup) has been in New Zealand doing Waldorf teacher training. Today she wrote to me and said they were coming back to the US soon and she is thinking of starting a “Forrest Home school” with her two children and others, based on her Waldorf training. I am going to forward her the link to your blog. Where are oyu located – if I may ask?

    All the best, and i too will enjoy reading about the life you are so kindly sharing..


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