Felt Mushroom Favours

We have been busy bodies in preparation for Elle’s 3rd Birthday party. One of the things we have been doing is making these cute little needle felted toadstools party favours. You might recall I made a few of these last Christmas as Christmas ornaments, and they seemed like the perfect thing to give our guests at Elle’s Woodland Mushroom Party…

Now, many hours of felting later we have a mushroom for each guest – child and adult. As we have tended to invite whole families, and I think it will be lovely our guests will have a small set. When choosing a Birthday party favour I always opt for handmade, and I always try and keep the environment in mind, so no plastic! With Elle’s Birthday being so close to Christmas, I like that we can give our guests something cute, but that it also can be used annually.

With so many felt mushroom Christmas ornaments, I wanted to see them hanging on a tree together before we gave them all away. I had the idea to go for a walk in the woods and find a tree. The Girls liked the sound of this – and so we set out to find little Christmas tree. Sure enough we found one, and surrounded by moss too! It felt a little like we were in a story time folklore. “…and the fairies decorated the tree, with mushrooms and acorns and other treasures collected from the woods…”


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