A Dream Job


This week I started working with Papier Mache Magazine. Oh my goodness, do not wake me from this dream. If there was a job I could have wished for, and hoped with all my heart it would come true, this would be it. I have been giddy for weeks over it, and now I have started, it has become a wonderful reality. This job was just what I needed in my life to grow, and the timing is wonderful with both my babies…not really babies anymore. My official title is on-line editor. I can work from home, from a cafe, from a library…from anywhere in the world. I am joining a wonderful group of people that I admire greatly, and I am looking forward to gaining new skills on this journey. So excited to share the news. Loving my new job, loving papier mache magazine!


15 thoughts on “A Dream Job

  1. Wow!! I couldn’t be more happy for you! I know your talent will turn into magic for that magazine!

    Happy sunday! Wendy

  2. Hi Wendy! Thank you so much for saying that. I am really inspired by the magazine, so I hope I do a great job! Happy Sunday to you too. Are you having Spring weather yet? K x

  3. Kirsten – I am so totally excited about this new adventure for you …. the dream job …. your creativity at work …. look forward to seeing more of your work online!

    xoxo Zoe

  4. Thank you Zoe,
    It is very exciting and I am very inspired by everything about Papier Mache. I am currently learning the ropes and immersing myself in amazing images…artist/designers/stylists/photographers. I feel like my world has opened, and it will be a great adventure!

  5. The weather in Belgium is this week starting to change. We just bought our first house so we can enjoy the benefits of having a garden. The flowers start to grow, we started a little ‘farm’-acy with herbs and vegetableas, we got some blossoms on our fruit trees, we adopted 2 chickens in the garden. It’s all new and fresh it takes time but I am glad we can finally start to enjoy spring.


  6. Hello Kirsten, I just wanted to say, once again, congratulations, what a dream come true. I’m so happy for you. And can’t wait to see your work. xx

  7. Hi Danielle! So sweet of you to write. Thank you for your kind words of support. I am starting off slowly…there are lots of thing happening for the magazine and website, and in good time I will be up to speed with the brilliant Papier Mache creatives. Glad to have your email now 🙂

  8. Wow Kirsten, that is so great! Congratulations! Papier Mache is lucky to have you on board. Can’t wait to see/hear more. Klaudia

  9. Hi Klaudia, Thank you! I feel like I have been really busy with it all the past few days…but so far noot much to show. Learning a lot. Really enjoying the proces, and look forward to finding my groove. K xo

  10. Congratulations Kirsten… They are so lucky to have you on their team! It is just so thrilling to have both a beautiful family and to be able to “work” doing something one is so passionate about, spread those beautiful wings Mumma!!!!

  11. Hi Donna,
    thank-you for the congratulations, I really appreciate it. So exciting to have this opportunity to further fuel my creativity. So very grateful. How are you? How are the children? Do you have plans for Winter? Love Kirsten

  12. My children are all well and growing (too fast!) thank you! No big plans here for winter, maybe a little camping trip or two, we recently had a big family holiday in Fiji so we will be having a few quiet months to recover. I am concentrating on trying to find balance between family/work/study (I am doing my post graduate in critical care nursing). I hope to greatly reduce my hours in August, so I can get the balance I dream of. Part of getting my dream job meant committing to some big hours for the first year and a half, sometimes feels very difficult! I have some big ‘life maintenance’ goals on the home front that will come into focus over winter… oh and I chopped off my long locks today! Liberating!

  13. I love your new haircut Donna! Will be glad when you are working less and I see you sewing a lot again (even though you still somehow manage to do it all)…you are amazing with the amount you do!

  14. Oh WOW!!! This is so wonderful! I love Papier Mache Mag. Dream job indeed!!
    So happy for you { and a tad jealous *smile* } xx

  15. Thank you! You also would be good at this job! You just never know what the future holds! K xx

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