Spread Wings And Fly


She flew on golden wings…here are some images of the leaf wings I made at the peak of Autumn’s change. The leaves were so very beautiful and in the process of making leaf crowns, the idea of a leaf cape came to mind. This cape, the way it formed ended up looking like wings.


The leaves were collected from our neighbourhood, from the ground and off the trees. I did not treat the leaves with anything, they were leaves in the natural process of loosing chlorophyl and about to drop from the tree, or if ground collected, the leaves had already fallen. I worked with the leaves immediately after collecting them. I bound the leaves with nothing but household string. The leaves were collected and the cape made all in one session. The leaves dry and curl after a day if kept in a dry house.


I look forward to doing a variation of this project again next year (oh yes, there is a wonderful idea bubbling away!). If anyone who would like to be involved in a grander project or would like to first hand learn my process, please be in touch!


7 thoughts on “Spread Wings And Fly

  1. Hi there. I love your blog and great ideas. Could you give me a little DIY on stringing the leaves together to make a leaf cape? The tips and tricks would be very helpful, as I am trying to get my 3 little brothers to artistically enjoy the beauty of fall! Much love, thank you, kailey smith.

  2. Hi Kailey,
    I you type in Leaf crown into the search box, it will bring up a few posts, one of which is a tutorial. Thanks so much for your kind words! Kirsten

  3. Hello beautiful Kirsten,

    I am hoping to make a little leaf cape for my one year old (she’ll be an owl for halloween).
    I tried clicking on the link to the tutorial for a leaf cape and could not seem to find it.
    Do you mind reposting your tutorial on how to make a leaf cape if have one?
    This idea is a lovely, fresh and vibrant way to welcome the fall!
    thank you!


  4. I loved this fall project so much!! The leaf cape turned out beautifully. I’m just curious… how many leaves would you estimate you used?

  5. Hmmm….good question. A lot! I remember it was about 3 brown grocery bags full. Hope that helps. I have made two leaf capes and each time I had to keep going back out to collect more leaves, so while I am only guessing, I would say collect a lot.

  6. Hello Amelia, I do not have a full tutorial up on making the leaf cape. I am however doing one for a magazine, but it will not be ready for this halloween. The leaf cape is bound together in the same way I bind the leaf crowns, if that is any help (search box leaf crown). Sorry I can’t be more help before you need the tutorial. All the best with it, I am sure you will make something wonderful!

  7. hello! I was wondering how you attached all the bound leaves tother at the collar? Did you tie them all together with a string?

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