Yellow Maple Crown


With the warm glow of Autumn sweeping over the landscape, ┬áthe grand yellow maple leaves captured my attention with both their size and colour! The abundance of this variety of maple also inspired me. Everywhere I looked, were these beautiful trees laden in golden leaves, laying them at my feet, like a blessing. Before I knew it I had handfuls, forming leaf bouquets. The yellow is so bright and happy I just had to work with them. In the process of making this leaf crown, I was inspired by the drape, and the way the leaves layered, they wanted to be so much more than a crown, they wanted to be a cape or wings! I love how materials and medium ‘speaks’ and one process leads to another. This crown was made with fallen leaves, ground collected. I bound them into a crown right away using household string. I have used this process numerous times now, for another look at my string and leaf binding, you may like to see this fresh green violet leaf crown.


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